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Events Reports

2006: KOREA

In 2006, Bishop Zachary Kakobe made an apostolic mission to the Republic of Korea. Bishop Kakobe went to minister there, following an invitation from one of the most popular Crusade organizers in Korea, the KOREA REVIVAL MISSION. The leaders of the Korea Revival Mission include Pastor David Yonggi Cho, who is the Senior Pastor of YOIDO FULL GOSPEL CHURCH, the biggest church in the world; and Pastor Ra Kyum Ill, who is the Senior Pastor of Ju An Presbyterian Church, the largest Presbyterian Church in the world, and one of the ten biggest churches worldwide.

In this apostolic mission, Bishop Kakobe made a number of Miracles Healing Crusades. Among them, was a Miracle Healing Crusade he did in the City of Incheon, at Ju An Presbyterian Church, the largest Presbyterian Church in the world; and another Miracle Healing Crusade which he conducted at OSANRI CHOI JA-SHIL MEMORIAL PRAYER AND FASTING MOUNTAIN also known by many, as DAVID YONGGI CHO INTERNATIONAL PRAYER MOUNTAIN, in the outskirts of the City of Seoul. In these Crusades, Jesus Christ, through this Man of God, did many genuine, tangible outstanding miracles, which made the organizers to say, "We have never seen anything like this before."

The astonishing miracles in these Crusades, made other Servants of God in Korea also to confess that they had never seen genuine, tangible miracles of this standard; in the past Crusades. Some of the ministers commented that this ministry can be likened to that of the Apostles of the Early Church. As a result, they eagerly wanted to learn more from Bishop Kakobe, as to what is the secret of being used mightily by God, this much! This compelled the organizers of this Apostolic mission, also to organize the Conference for Pastors, titled, PASTORS CONFERENCE FOR HEALING BY THE HOLY SPIRIT". This Conference was also held at the David Yonggi Cho International Prayer Mountain.


For only six days, that is from Wednesday, December 3, to Monday, December 8, 2008; Bishop Zachary Kakobe's ministry in Bujumbura, the Capital City of the Republic of Burundi; made the people of Burundi talk about Jesus Christ, everywhere in the entire country; in all sectors of the society. Among other ministries in this Apostolic Mission, Bishop Kakobe conducted a four day Miracle Healing Crusade. The First lady of Burundi, Hon. Denise Nkurunziza; officiated the opening of the Miracle Healing Crusade on Thursday, December 4. 2008; and the President of the Republic of Burundi; His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza officiated the closure of the Crusade, on Sunday December 7, 2008. In this Crusade, which was attended by unprecedented multitudes; thousands of people decided for Christ, every day. Countless genuine amazing tangible miracles were the order of the day in these Crusade. People who were once skeptics, came to believe that God surely exists, and Jesus is alive and real. The Crusade was also broadcasted live on RADIO VYIZIGIRO, which has a nationwide coverage; and multitudes were saved, all over the country, according to reports from various sources. "VYIZIGIRO" means hope. Surely, new hope had come to Burundi. Pastors from different Gospel Churches, said, Revival had come to Burundi.

In this Apostolic Mission, Bishop Kakobe also ministered the Word of God to different groups of people. On Sunday night, December 7, 2008; he preached at the State House, where the President of Burundi, the First Vice President of Burundi, and other top Government officials; gathered together, to hear the Word of God. Additionally, he preached at a special Conference for Government Ministers MPs, Leaders of Political Parties, High Court Judges and Ambassadors; which was held on Monday December 8, 2008. All these leaders received warmly the Word of God. In addition, he had a special Conference for top officials from the Army, Police, and the National Security Intelligence; which was well attended. Here, too, the Conference participants, gladly received the Word of God preached by Bishop Kakobe. Furthermore, he preached at Mpimba Central Prison, where hundreds of prisoners gathered together to hear the Word of God. Hundreds of the prisoners gave their lives to Christ, after hearing the Word, He also had a special Conference for Journalists, which was well attended; as well as a conference for Bishops and Pastors which was attended by hundreds of Servants of God. At this Conference, the spirit of reconciliation, came down upon His Servants, and they were revived.

Bishop Zachary Kakobe's Ministry, left a mark in the Gospel Outreach history, in Burundi.


For only four days, that is, from Thursday May, 6 to Sunday May 9, 2010; Bishop Zachary Kakobe's LUBUMBASHI GREAT MIRACLE CRUSADE, gripped the entire City of Lubumbashi; and nearby towns; and made many skeptics acknowledge that indeed Jesus Christ is the LORD!

The unprecedented Miracle Healing Crusade took place at the famous Kenya Stadium in Lubumbashi. Due to the multitudes, the stadium couldn't hold the big crowds, forcing the organizers to shift the venue to the Stadium Parking area. Most of the Pastors and residents of Lubumbashi said, "No crusade has ever attracted such multitudes. This Crusade is historical." Hundreds of thousands of people renounced sin and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. Countless genuine astonishing tangible miracles, verifiable by the public, made the skeptics believe that miracles are for real. Biblical times were live in Lubumbashi. Jesus was the talk of the City, and nearby towns; and the Crusade, became the lead story of the day in all media. Bishops and Pastors said that, Revival had come to Lubumbashi. In attendance, were the former First Lady and mother of the incumbent President of D.R.C, Sifa Kabila; and the Mayoress of Lubumbashi City, Marie-Gregoire Tambila. The Governor of Katanga Province, Hon. Moise Katumbi, also thanked Kakobe for the Crusade and wished that this Gospel could be preached to all the Nations, hence giving his financial contribution, towards the cause.

Bishop Zachary Kakobe also held a Bishop and Pastors Conference, which was attended by hundreds of Servants of God. This Conference, likewise had a big spiritual impact on the Pastors.


In June 2010, Bishop Zachary Kakobe was invited by the Body of Christ in Kinshasa, the Capital City of Congo (D.R.C); to officiate the ordination ceremony of the Congo (D.R.C) Minister for Budget, Jean-Baptiste Ntahwa Kuderwa Batumike; who was ordained to the office of Bishop. The ceremony was performed at the famous Kinshasa Stadium, STADE DES MARTYRS; on Sunday, June 6, 2010. Jean-Baptiste Ntahwa, had been the Pastor of Mount Carmel Church, for eighteen years, before this ordination ceremony.

In addition, Bishop Kakobe held a two day Bishops and  Pastors Conference, which was held at "Cath├ędrale du Centenaire Protestant au Congo." In this Conference, he taught hundreds of Pastors, in attendance, how they can be vessels for honor, useful for the Master, prepared for every good work (2 Timothy 2:20-21); and laid hands on them. Many Bishops and Pastors testified that, the teaching made them to experience Personal Revival.


From Wednesday, August 11 to Sunday, August 15, 2010; Bishop Zachary Kakobe conducted a five day Great Miracle Healing Crusade, titled, " LUSAKA GREAT MIRACLE CRUSADE," which was held at Matero Stadium. This Miracle Healing Crusade, was unprecedented in LUSAKA, and also the entire country of Zambia.

In his words of thanks to the Bishops' Committee of Lusaka Churches, which organized the Miracle Healing Crusade; the Chairman, who  has also participated in all the past Miracle Crusades' organizing committees, for the many International Evangelists; who came to Zambia, from all over the world; a renowned and a highly respected Man of God, Bishop Dr. Peter Ndlovu; said that, Zambia for many years, had the grace of hosting many International Evangelists from all over the world. Nevertheless, there has never been a Miracle Crusade that had a great multitude, like this Crusade. He said also that the multitudes who decided for Christ, had never been witnessed before, in the history of Zambia. Likewise, the countless, genuine, tangible amazing miracles, which occurred in this Crusade; had never been seen before. Jesus is now alive and real, even to the skeptics of Zambia. Jesus is the talk of the City and the Country at large. Revival has come to Zambia, he concluded.

In addition, Bishop Kakobe held a two day conference for Bishops and Pastors, and he taught the Servants of God how they can be used mightily by God. Commenting on the Conference, one of the participants had this to say, "We have tapped from the great grace which is upon this Man of God. We can never be the same, after this Conference."

For more details on these events, watch free videos online at WEBCAST.

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