Zachary Kakobe Biblical miracles still happen today
Do you want to receive the Greatest Miracle? Bishop Zachary Kakobe
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Welcome to the Official Website of Bishop Zachary Kakobe International Ministries (BZKIM)

Bishop Zachary Kakobe, is the International Revivalist, and Founder of Bishop Zachary Kakobe International Ministries (BZKIM). This Man of God, is a rare vessel of Revival to the nations, in these contemporary times. In his ministry, he knits nicely together; amazing Biblical miracles, signs and wonders; on one hand, and the true message of piercing Repentance; on the other hand.

In his first ministry to Korea, in 2006; his Miracle Healing Crusades, were a complete surprise to the Crusade organizers, the KOREAN REVIVAL MISSION. They said, "We have never seen anything, like this, before!" In 2008, for only six days, his ministry shook the whole country of Burundi; and everywhere, the conversation, was about Jesus Christ! Likewise, in May 2010, his four-day Miracle Healing Crusade, in the City of Lubumbashi, D.R.C; gripped the whole city, and nearby towns. Similarly, in August 2010; his five-day Miracle Healing Crusade, in Lusaka, Zambia; made Jesus Christ, to be the talk of the City, and the whole country, at large.

Even so, for more than two decades, Bishop Kakobe has been spending most of his time, in a wilderness of obscurity, being molded and trained by God; in his native country, Tanzania. During this period, God has been releasing him, very occasionally, to minister internationally. This situation continued, until April 16, 2012, when Bishop Kakobe finally declared, "By the grace of God, today, I'm released full-scale, by the Holy Spirit, into International ministry."

On this home page, watch two clips, on Bishop Kakobe's ministry. One clip, showing one of the countless astonishing miracles, in his ministry; and the following clip, depicts comments from Crusade Organizers, in various countries; about Bishop Kakobe's ministry. Then watch more videos on WEBCAST page.

Severe Stutterer instantly healed in Bishop Kakobe's Crusade

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Comments from Crusade Organizers about Bishop Kakobe 

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Bishop Zachary Kakobe

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